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They may want a subscription - check out the contractual details - and men in particular beware there may not be many female members and if there are they may be 'professionals' or the whole thing may be just a front for selling sex services - let us know!

I havent registered so I await feedback from others who have - dont blame me if your new date turns out to be more Johnny Vegas than Johnny Depp (or whatever your preferences are) - the link text describes the site.

He has oily skin, beady eyes, short legs and a boy-band wig to cover his balding head.

But that hasn't stopped him from becoming Japan's most sought-after dating coach for geeks.

Rapid Cloud Technology, the Johannesburg-based sub-Saharan distributor of certified Wi Max equipment for Canada's Redline Communications, has deployed Africa's first certified Wi Max metropolitan network in the capital of neighbouring Mozambique in…Fujita's Pickup School for Men Who Can't Get Any teaches geeky, insecure men of all ages how to gain confidence, score dates and get laid – all based, he says, on a proprietary "science" he discovered after a decade of careful research."I always teach my students that sex comes first," he says."Then you figure out whether the woman is worth marrying later."The school is just one of many bizarre after-work coaching institutes in Japan.’s Crap Email From a Dude series has highlighted the most offensive examples of the form for years.And before we texted our discontents, Carrie Bradshaw got dumped via a two-sentence Post-It note: "I'm sorry, I can't.

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by Crucible Multimedia The original dating and dumping by SMS text message sites we linked to from this page appear to have demised, but since we have so much boring stuff on the rest of this site we feel duty bound to provide some more up-to-date dating-by-text links to replace them - please let us know if you find any amusing services - in the meantime: If SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a normal part of your communication lifestyle and is key to your relationships with other people, then these websites could be for you.

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